Strategic Partners
InterFaith Golf Cup
P.O. Box 10040
Alexandria, VA  22310


Westfield Golf Club  -  Clifton, VA
Pine Ridge Golf Course  -  Paris, TX
Wild Fire  Golf Club  -   Phoenix, AZ
Tenison Park Golf Club- Dallas, TX
April 17, 2017    -    Putting With Police/IFG Cup Challenge
June 24, 2017    -    Putting With Police
August 12, 2017 -   Putting With Police
October 7, 2017  -   Putting With Police

INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOLE SIGN: Send us your “high resolution” logo image to info@ifaithgolf.com and we will construct the sign for your approval before printing.  Payment can be processed FOR ALL LEVELS BY CLICKING BELOW.

TO DONATE FOOD ITEMS...Please deliver to Pine Ridge Golf Course, 5615 Pine Mill Road, Paris Texas.  DROP OFF AT ANY TIME leading up to the event on June 24.  Thank you,